Case Studies

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The AIRthermo

AIRcable SMD - An AIRcable prototype product

 The AIRthermo is a wireless thermometer for automatic temperature monitoring that uses a simple type K thermocouple for temperature reading in real time. The temperature reading is displayed on its LCD screen and sent manually or in adjustable intervals via bluetooth to any other bluetooth device, like a PDA, laptop or mobile phone. It can also stream the data via Bluetooth at 4 readings per second with 18 bit accuracy. It has an audio alarm, a USB interface for recharging and an internal or external antenna for up to 100m wireless range. It can also log the temperature data and transmit block of data incrementally.

The AIRthermo project was completed start-to-finish in less than 6 weeks. Hardware design, development and production was completed in 2 weeks. The AIRthermo’s hardware is comprised of: an AIRcable SMD, an LCD display, an I2C digital-to-analog converter, 3 buttons, 3 LEDs, a buzzer, a USB interface, an antenna, and the circuit board. All software development was done in BASIC with a simple text editor and took 2 weeks. And, the industrial design and manufacturing for the enclosure was done in less than two weeks, including shipping time from Taiwan.

Queensland IT Group

AIRcable Industrial XR - Mobile truck solutions for the fuel industry

Queensland IT Group specializes in custom software and mobile truck solutions for the fuel industry. The AIRcable Industrial XR is used as part of a mobile truck computer system. A feature of Queensland IT Group’s software is the ability to barcode and scan pieces of machinery that a driver will regularly fill up. The driver can then just scan each piece of machinery to identify it, reducing the need for them to scroll through a list of equipment to find the correct one and reduces errors for the customer by ensuring that they get the right piece of equipment. To scan the barcode on a piece of equipment they have to remove the unit from the truck. This presented them with a problem as the system automatically integrates to the meter on the truck to read the volume delivered to each piece of equipment. The typical method of doing this is to run a cable from the meter into the truck cradle mounted in the cabin, so they needed a way to capture the volume of fuel delivered outside the truck. Queensland IT Group’s solution to the problem was to wire the meter to the AIRcable Industrial XR and have that broadcast the volume delivered by Bluetooth to the PDA unit. They use the AIRcable Industrial XR as a standalone device loaded up with a simple basic program to broadcast the data received on the serial port. The PDA unit connects to the AIRcable Industrial XR when the driver begins a delivery and waits to receive data transmitted. They have found this to be a very effective and powerful solution. The system consists of a Symbol MC9094 PDA mounted into the truck using a Symbol VCD9000 cradle and print using an Extech S3750THS. The trucks also use a variety of Liquip EMH meters for measuring the volume of fuel delivered.

AIRcable Serial3 - Wireless Telescope Control

Thomas HIlton at Thunderbird Electronics, Inc. designs and builds serial interface cables for telescope controllers to enable users to control their high-end telescopes via a computer or PDA. Because the best time for viewing celestial bodies is at night during a moonless night, people had the problem of tripping over the cables because they could not see them which could damage their very expensive telescopes. Ideally, a wireless system would be the best solution to this problem. Mr. Hilton Googled the internet for “wireless rs-232” and found the AIRcable product line and the AIRcable Serial3. The AIRcable Serial3 connects right to the end of one of his cables and handles the entire wireless connection to a computer, PDA or any other bluetooth device, without wires for people to trip over in the dark. A perfect solution! Some users who do not want to install Bluetooth software on their PC purchase another AIRcable Serial 3 or an AIRcable USB3 for use with their PC. They then pair the two AIRcable products for use as a wireless serial cable or Serial-to-USB converter. The computer only see the connection as a standard serial connection, creating a Bluetooth-enabled telescope without the need for software on their PC. And, if they have more than one Bluetooth-enabled telescope, the Bluetooth protocol can connect to up to 7 telescopes at a time. Thunderbird Electronics sells the AIRcable Serial3 on

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