AIRcable Industrial XR

An intelligent, long-range Bluetooth® designed for industrial wireless sensor interfaces, mesh networking, long–range, and data logging

The AIRcable Industrial XR is our flag ship product. Designed for wireless sensor interface, mesh networking and data logging applications with an RS232 port interface. This products is built for outdoor use where autonomous operation, flexible communication and long-range are important features.

These compact Bluetooth® compatible products gather data using intelligent sensors, run computations, transfer files, and communicate using secure, long-range Bluetooth to multiple partners simultaneously.

Programmable and configurable over the air, these units can be clustered together to create low-power, high-efficiency communications networks that interact with other AIRcable products as well as all Bluetooth compatible devices such as PCs, cell phones, and PDAs.

AIRcable Operating System

Based on our advanced AIRcable operating system, the AIRcable Industrial is simple to use and customize, reliable, and compatible with all Bluetooth® wireless devices. The AIRcable Industrial can be programmed over the air because the application software is embedded in the device. The BASIC execution engine performs operations in both connection mode and in autonomous mode. For additional information, see the AIRcable AIRmotes Programming Handbook.


Rugged Industrial Design

This new generation of AIRcable Industrial is enclosed in an aluminum case, with weather proof versions available. It has a large rechargeable Li-ion battery and a wide- range charger for wired and solar power options.

The AIRcable Industrial has a battery-backed real-time clock and a persistent file system for data logging. Also included is a built-in temperature sensor that gathers environmental data and can be accessed from the application program.

Hardware Features:

Shipped as a male serial accepting incoming SPP connections with enabled authentication.

AIRcable Industrial (ACC1602) package contains: AIRcable Industrial, 110V wall plug (9V DC), and a tilt and swivel 3.3dBi antenna for an extended range of 150m/1000m.