Proximity Marketing

Well the name says it all. Marketing to something or someone that is near you. Basically you have a Bluetooth host that is continuously inquiring for new targets. And when it finds one the host sends an image, a java game, a ringtone, a brochure, or what ever you can store as a file.

Of course there are a lot more of uses for this functionality like sending gift cards to customer at a restaurant, giving free ring tones at a rock concert, etc.

As you can image possibilities are as vast as your imagination.


Train Station Schedules: Suppose you are near a train station, and you want to know which trains are getting there in the next 30 minutes and where they go. Instead of asking someone or going into the station looking for a sign with a schedule, you just put your Bluetooth cell phone in visible mode, and voilà you get the train schedule.

Why AIRcable for Proximity Marketing?

  • Price
    AIRcable Products are less expensive than other options on the market.
  • Range
    Aircabe has the ONLY truly long-range bluetooth solution on the market!
  • Size of the Device
    Aircable device range in size to fit just about any application, even remote solar powered locations!
  • Software
    AIRcable products work with a wide range of existing software already in existence!

Types of Proximity Marketing

Short-range Marketing

A short range setting is an area or application with a small number of simultaneous connections in close proximity to to the source.


  • bus/train stations
  • wall billboards
  • info centers
  • kiosks


AIRcable OS products start at $59.00.


Typical range of 10m.


Very small form factor and minimum power requirements. Can even be powered by a small solar panel.

AIRcable OS products do not require anything more that a power source, there's no need for a computer or dedicated equipment. Power sources can be wall power, batteries or even solar.

AIRcable products for Short-range Marketing:

Long-range Marketing

A long range setting is any area or application wher there is a large distance between the advertiser and the source or a large number of fast, simultaneous connections is desired.


  • stadiums
  • road billboards
  • malls
  • coffee shops


Long range products start at only $129.00


Your options broaden significantly when you start considering our long range AIRcable XR products like the AIRcable Host XR2 or AIRcable Server XR which can extend the area you are covering (you will not get 30km if you are going to connect to a cell phone, but you can often achieve over 100m).


AIRcable XR devices are small in comparison to other solutions on the market. And, they are easily deployable.

AIRcable Products for Long-range Marketing:

Stand alone

The AIRcable Server XR is a stand-alone, deployable Linux server capable of fast, long-range communication. it come pre-installed with Bluetooth-enabled Linux!

Computer connected

The AIRcable Host XR2 can connect to any Linux, Window or Mac computer running any one of the multitude of Bluetooth marketing software packags on the market.


Fexmax - For Windows

Fexmax is an advanced Bluetooth Advertising Software which you can use to promote and advertise your products, services and your organization in a cost effective way! With FexMax Pro you can build a network for your campaigns and you can control your advertising network from one central point.

With Fexmax you can send:

  • V-Cards
    (.vcf files)
  • Text messages
    (.txt files)
  • Animated images
    (.gif files)
  • Audio and Media
    (.wma, .avi, .mid, .midi, .wav, .amr .mp4, .3gp, .mpeg files)
  • Still images
    (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp and .png files)
  • Documents
    (.doc, xls, .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, etc.)

FexMax Pro is a multi functional and easy to use marketing software. With its content generating wizard, FexMax Pro is much more easier to use. FexMax Pro has also been tested with the AIRcable HOST XR2 which is a brilliant combination that gives you the best power for your Bluetooth advertising campaigns. FexMax is tested with Windows X (SP1, SP2 and SP3), Vista and Windows 7 OS systems. For more information follow this link (

OpenProximity - For Linux

OpenProximityâ„¢ is a feature rich, open source Bluetooth Proximity Marketing software system for commercial and public service applications. Its feature list is growing every day thanks to the open source nature of the project.


  • Linux based
    very robust and no licensing fees for the OS
  • no software license fees
  • multiple Bluetooth radios for more simultaneous connections at a time
    (send over 25,000 messages per hour, 15 radios * 7 connections / 15 seconds/connection)
  • independent scanning from uploading
  • multi threaded: Allows to upload to more than one device at the same time
  • modular architecture, allows enhancements and add-ons
  • web based campaign management


Pluggable application: Write your own plugin or get it from the web and modify OpenProximity functionality completely without breaking compatibility.


  • Time Filters: allows you to choose when to start and when to end campaigns.
  • Lottery function: Allows to send a file to X amount of people based on a "probability" chance.
  • Name and Address filters: Allows to send campaigns to those who you really want.


  • shopping malls, supermarkets
  • restaurants
  • trade fair, conferences
  • real estate advertisement
  • entertainment center, bars
  • concerts
  • sports arena and games
  • airport, train station