Generic Firmware for AIRcable BLE

The SmartBeacon is configurable through an easy to use command line interface. The interface is accessible through the serial port at 115200 baud. For products without serial connections, the command line interface can be used through a wireless connection. The AIRcable SmartBeacon is password protected for reading and writing characteristics.


These are the features of the new firmware. It implements:

The SmartBeacon allows to find other BLE devices and make connections. In a very generic way you can read and write any characteristics and control the performance and timing of a BLE link. Learn more.
The SmartBeacon implements a peripheral profile. When configured you can find the SmartBeacon and make connections to it. It provides several services and uses a set of characteristics for configuration and control. Learn more.
It can send out Apple certified iBeacons with configureable intervals, UUID and Major/Minor numbers. Learn more.
It implements the CSRmesh LIGHT and POWER models as well as the clients. See CSRmesh Commands.

Learn more about using the CSRmesh.

SPP over GATT is an implementation in peripheral mode. it allows a fully transparent serial data communication with configureable baud rate through the SmartBeacon's serial port. For details how to use it, please see the SmartBeacon Peripheral documentation.
Automatic data logging from digital and analog sensors as well as temperature is available. Featuring 1.5kbyte data logger memory and various ways to collect data, such as counter, events, time between events, analog values etc. With configureable data logging times between 100ms and 109minutes.
Always stay up-to-date with over air firmware updates. Learn more.



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