Quickstart Guide

  • Determine the baud rate of the device to which you will attach the AIRcable Serial5 and use the dip switches to match that baudrate. (Dip switch settings are indicated below or on the back of the AIRcable Serial5.)
  • If your device supports hardware handshake (RTS/CTS) keep the 4th switch on, if not, or if you are unsure, switch it off.
  • If your device provides power to the serial port the AIRcable Serial5 will boot when you switch on the device. Wait up to 8 seconds for the AIRcable Serial5 to boot. The middle LED will turn green. If your device does not supply power on pin 9, you will have to supply power to the AIRcable Serial5 via an external power supply.
  • The AIRcable Serial5 will allow incoming connections. When asked for the PIN code, use "1234".
  • Once the PIN is accepted, the AIRcable Serial5 the blue LED stays on and is now a transparent pass through device from the Bluetooth link to the RS232 port.

Mac OSX Quickstart

  • Plug in AIRcable Serial5 and let it charge until the blue light blinks, or push pair button Serial 5X to power up.
  • Mac OS --> "Set Up Bluetooth Device..."
  • The Serial5X shows up as "AIRserial5X", select it, then click "Passcode Options".
  • Select "Use a specific Passcode" and type "1234" in the field
  • OSX announces it has a new virtual serial device. Notice new device nodes in /dev. e.g., tty.AIRserial5X47446-SPP or cu.AIRserial5X47446-SPP
  • Get, a good terminal emulator for easy direct connections.


Documentation & Downloads


The AIRcable Serial5 comes preprogrammed with a cable replacement code which can be configured from the RS232 using the command line interface.

  • Plug into a PC using the null-modem adapter, power it and run Hyperterminal or WinSSD (terminal emulator) at 115200 8N1 on that port.


  • Type "+++" and enter and wait for the command line to start.


Develop and Deploy

We have many examples to write your own BASIC code. Please visit the open source pages:


Download the standard command line interface code for several AIRcable products here.

  • <a href="image/products/serial3x-dia.jpg>Serial 5 Communication Diagram</a> Make a Wireless Cable: Create a Secure and un-discoverable connection between 2 devices: <a data-cke-saved-href=" http:="""" support="" serial5-support.php#"="">Serial5X
  • USB5
  • Industrial XR / Host XR3


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