AIRcable SmartDimmer

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The AIRcable SmartDimmer uses Bluetooth Smart, which is already built-in to your smartphone, to control and monitor all lights in your home.

This is the only All-in-One home automation system, an in-wall light dimmer switch – the world’s first Bluetooth® Smart lighting controller. All you need is ONE AIRcable SmartDimmer to automate lighting. No infrastructure required.

Designed to be Easy

It works just like a standard dimmer switch with the intuitive key functions. The AIRcable Smart Dimmer is elegantly designed with a standard deco rocker and tactile feedback. Once you‘ve installed your SmartDimmer setup and operation is brilliant and effortless. Touch click the main unit for full power. Then click and hold to achieve any level of lighting you desire. Don’t want to wake up someone? Click and hold and the SmartDimmer starts from the lowest light level.

After downloading the free AIRcable SmartDimmer application from the iPhone app store, you can view and control all paired lights in the house from your iPhone or iPad. BLE enables direct communication of all SmartDimmers with your smart phone. (Android, BlackBerry, PCs coming soon).

The AIRcable SmartDimmer does not require any extra infrastructure such as a PC, Wifi network, base stations, or special equipment to enjoy all the additional features.

The most compelling feature is the matched Companion Switch. Running only on batteries, the Companion Switch can be installed anywhere, even in areas that don’t have wiring, such as interior columns. You switch and dim the lights with no delay, just as if it is the main unit itself.

The affordable AIRcable SmartDimmer simplifies lighting, makes complicated multi-way installation a breeze and modernizes the hundreds of year old lever switches to be ready for new LED lighting. No sparks, no dimmer noise, no EMI.

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