AIRcable Industrial XR4

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Industrial XR4

Long range Bluetooth -to- Serial interface with autonomous applications engine.


Cable Replacement, Long Range Bluetooth Relay, SuperBeacon, Device Scanner...


The AIRcable Industrial XR4 is an intelligent, long-range Bluetooth® designed for long-range RS232 cable replacement, industrial wireless sensor interfaces, SPP data relaying and logging.

The AIRcable Industrial XR4 is based on our AIRcable SMD with file system, BASIC interpreter and operating system. It is simple to use, reliable, can be customize, and is compatible with all Bluetooth® wireless devices. The AIRcable Industrial XR4 can be programmed over the air because the application software is embedded in the device. The BASIC execution engine performs operations in both connection mode and in autonomous mode.

This new generation of AIRcable Industrial XR4 is enclosed in an aluminum case. It has a 450mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and a universal USB charger for wired and solar power options. It also has a battery-backed real-time clock and a persistent file system for data logging as well as a SD card for FAT file system. In addition to this, it includes a built-in temperature sensor that gathers environmental data that can be accessed from the application program.


  • RS232 interface
  • DTR, DSR freely accessible
  • DTR can supply power, ~5V @ 30mA
  • Automatic hardware handshake (RTS/CTS)
  • Baud rate control through remote connection, BASIC program, and downloadable configuration
  • Advanced power control, low power mode
  • Handles two SPP Bluetooth connections simultaneously for data relay

Deploy it

Application tutorial is available

Long-Range Cable Replacement

  • • Even one side outfitted with our AIRcable long range technology will increase the range to standard Bluetooth devices by factor 10.
  • • Connect traffic light controllers for synchonization - eliminating the cost of underground cables

Autonomous Bluetooth Device Scanner

  • Scans for all discoverable Bluetooth devices
  • Find cell phones and report the signal strength to a server wirelessly in real time
  • Track discoverable cell phones for traffic flow analysis

Bluetooth Data Relay

  • The Industrial XR can relay a Bluetooth data connection (SPP) from an instrument for example to a cell phone service or to a computer to increase range. Use multiple Industrial XR4 for nearly unlimited range.

Autonomous Wireless Sensor Interface

  • • Add a RS232 sensor to the serial port, such as a LinkTH 1-wire interface and do data logging. Add an industrial IrDA-1.0 interface for instrument server software is available.




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