PRODUCTS : HiFi Headphones

Listen to high quality streaming music from your PC with the AIRcable HiFi Headphone. Just plug in the wireless Bluetooth® USB™ "blade" and play!

We've taken listening to another level with our AIRcable HiFi Headphones. Use it as a headphone to enjoy streaming music and video. Use it as a convenient headset for your cell phone. Just connect our sporty and supremely comfortable headphone to your PC via our unique Bluetooth USB™ blade and enjoy hands-free, wireless all-digital sound. It's the perfect accessory for your home entertainment system. Or, at the office, you can use it to help you focus on your work by tuning out distracting conversation with music. And you can use it as a headset for you mobile phone. Set it to automatic or manual mode to catch incoming calls. Never miss a call, since your phone will ring through the headphones. Best of all, it runs on most popular operating systems.


Free Carry Pouch!

For a limited time, you will receive a free carry pouch with every pair of headphones! Perfect for carrying your headphones while traveling, or storing them when not in use.

HiFi Headphones Package contains:
AIRcable HiFi Headphones, AIRcable Bluetooth® Audio Blade, USB™ Charge Cable, and Power Adapter


Bluetooth Analog Audio Adapter
(optional component)

The AIRcable Bluetooth Analog Audio Adapter extends the AIRcable Headphones to be used with a regular 2.5mm headphone jack. The analog adapter plugs into your MP3 player (like an iPod), TV, DVD player, or your home stereo. It automatically pairs with the AIRcable Bluetooth HiFi Headphones. And of course, NO WIRES and NO SOFTWARE to install. It just works.

The rechargeable battery gives you over 5 hours of continuous music and recharges via USB or a wall charger. It is the perfect addition to your headphones for working out, on-the-road entertainment, or your home entertainment system.

Analog Audio Adapter Package contains:
Bluetooth Analog Audio Adapter, 7 inch audio patch cable with gold-plated 3.5 mm audio connectors,
USB™ Charge Cable, and Power Adapter

(The Bluetooth Analog Audio Adapter is an optional component. The AIRcable HiFi Headphones come with a digital USB™ audio adapter.)


*Apple® Macintosh® require a plug-in for full functionality in iTunes.