Minimal Bluetooth-to-RS232 interface

Brief Description

The AirCable Mini is the most cost effective and freely configurable Serial-to-Bluetooth adapter that minimizes the cost of adding Bluetooth to RS-232 serial devices. An ideal solution for OEM customers the Mini is ready for immediate deployment. Fully customizable through its BASIC application code, customers can restrict connections to their own devices only allowing for safe and secure communication.

Feature List

Reduced Cost
  • Minimal hardware design
  • No buttons, no switches, no plugs
  • Power through pin 9 only
  • Sealed case for rough environment
  • RS232 with RX and TX
Configurable and Customizeable
  • Fully customizeable
  • Control master and slave connections
  • Able to restrict connectivity to customer devices
  • Security functions
  • Command line interface in BASIC
  • Runs applications in BASIC on the AIRcable OS
OEM Integration
  • Preconfigured for ease of use
  • Custom configuration for any requirements
  • OEM labeling available
  • Ideal solution for OEM integration

Benefits of the AIRcable Mini OS

  • Serial-to-Bluetooth adapter
  • Minimal cost
  • Rugged design
  • Simple configuration
  • Intelligent, wirelessly programmable in BASIC
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  • Fully customizable