Add Bluetooth via Serial Port

Brief Description

The AIRcable Serial3 is an intelligent serial-to-Bluetooth interface which eliminates the need for Bluetooth software on the PC and much more...


  • Complete customization available
  • Rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery
  • External antenna for longer range of 500ft

External Antenna

Using the included 1-inch stubby external antenna the range can be extended to 40m (100ft). For greater range see our full range of external anntennas.

Onboard Programmable OS with Filesystem

The AIRcable Serial5X is programmed in BASIC and available for you (the customer) to adapt it to your particular application and needs.

The already installed BASIC application allows zero-configuration use as "service-slave", allowing incoming serial connections from other Bluetooth devices. And, it is easily configurable into a secure one-to-one slave or master mode.

The AIRcable Serial5X runs the latest "AIRcable OS Operating System" that allows complete customization including automatic and selective connections, configuration of PIN code, authentication, name, terminal lines etc. see programming manual.

Versatile Hardware & Onboard Battery

The AIRcable Serial5X has a male type DB9 connector which can be adapted to a female type connector with our null-modem adapter.

The AIRcable Serial5X has external baud rate switches for 4800 - 115200 baud and a hardware handshake disable switch so it can be used in 3 wire serial connection applications.

The AIRcable Serial5X has an onboard Rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery with built-in charger. Recharging the AIRcable Serial5X is possible from the external power plug (1.3mm) or through pin 9 with an extended range of 4.5-15V.

Every AIRcable-Serial5X is now shipped with a free null-modem adapter that supports power through pin 9 and with a highly efficient international voltage charger for the battery.