Bluetooth Video Camera

Getting Started

AIRi Management Software Virtual Machine for Windows and OSX

The AIRi Management Software is now available as a fully installed virtual machine with a super small Linux and high performance BlueZ Bluetooth stack. This VM runs on all systems (Windows, OSX and Linux). This VM gives even Windows the ability to handle the high data rates the AIRcable AIRi camera requires from the system. The application starts automatically, just like a Virtual Appliance. It tries to allocate a Bluetooth USB device from the host system to use it for the camera connection, exclusively.

Download the AIRcable AIRi Management Virtual machine here. Unzip and use the VMware Player to run it. The VMware Player is available for free here. Please contact us if you like to use the VirtualBox open source virtual machine for Linux.

We made a demo video how to install and use the AIRcable AIRi Management software. Watch it here.


  • On Win7 you need to configure the Firewall. If it blocks everything, it even blocks the local communications with the AIRi Management software running on the same machine. You can open up the port 80 alone, that would be enough. To access the VM from the outside via SSH, you can open up port 22.
  • Advanced users can administer the VM Linux machine by typing Alt-F2 to get to the console. Login is airi, password aircable.
  • To build your own AIRi Management Software VM: git clone

AIRi Management Software on VirtualBox

ViurtualBox is also a virtual machine that allows the AIRi Management appliance to run on Windows and Linux as an alternative to the VMware Player. It is available here for download.

After installing, create a new VM, use OS type Linux and give it 512MB of RAM. Use option "existing hard disk" and select the file vmdk file included in the AIRi package. Before the first boot, make sure you set the network adapter 1 to "bridged" and from the USB settings, make sure you add a filter for the Host XR, so it can access the Bluetooth hardware.

Watch the install video for the VirtualBox on YouTube.





Documentation & Downloads

AndroidAIRi Screen Shot


The new Android version runs natively.

  • The Android AIRi Native Camera Manager application is on the Android Market. click or scan the image:

Linux, OSX and Windows

The AIRi™ is a Bluetooth video and picture camera for mobile security applications.

This AIRi camera manager software handles the Bluetooth connection and configuration of the camera. It allows you to configure, control and watch
AIRcable's AIRi cameras and AIRcable's OptiEyes
cameras.AIRi start screen

Installation instructions on software for Andoid, Linux, OSX and Windows are available here.

This software will run on a device close to the camera, such as a cell phone or a PC. It acts as an interface providing standard IP video ports to security software. Standard security applications for Mac, Windows and Linux servers as well as services from security companies can then use the AIRi as a video source. Here are some examples of security software available.

Security software for Mac:
(use manual camera config: port number usually 8000, URL: “stream/00:25:BF:10:1E:2F”)

Get Help

Contact AIRcable

Call AIRcable:

AIRi Lights and Buttons

The red LED shows charging. It blinks when the battery gets power and is off when the battery is full.

Press and hold the button until the yellow LED blinks. Release and it will start up. Use the same procedure to power down.

The blue LED is the RF receiver power. Only if it is blinking the radio is able to receive anything. The green LED is the transmitter power. When on, microwaves are generated.

The yellow LED shows operation. It is blinking when waiting for a connection. It is on when the connection is established.

The AIRi will be in non-discoverable state after 30 seconds of power on. If you try to discover the camera after 30 seconds you will not be able to.

If you have a pairing and you know the camera you can always make a connection, even when not discoverable.

When the camera is powered on, a button press takes a picture. It will switch on the flash, allows the sensor to stabilize for 5 seconds and capture the picture. The BASIC code then writes the picture on the SD card. The name on the SD card is the hex representation of the date in the FAT file system, the picture was taken.

This behavior can be changed by editing the BASIC code on the AIRi camera. The default code is here.

AIRi Software Installation from the Scratch

On Linux, OSX and Windows, AIRi is a command that starts the server.

$ ./bin/AIRi 8000


The port number is the port from where the server is listening. Point your browser to the machine to start useing the interactive interface.


First, scan for new devices and find the AIRcable AIRi camera. It gives you a list of available Bluetooth devices. Select the AIRi. The default passkey for the device is "1234". Chose L2CAP type connection over RFCOMM for better data throughput. On the Manage Tab, click on Stream to start the connection. At this point the pairing process should pop up the Android OS pairing request. We have seen some phones that don't show that popup window. In this case pair manually with the main Settings application of the phone for Bluetooth device setup.