SUPPORT : AIRcable Host XR ™

The AIRcable Host XR is a USB Bluetooth "Dongle" for wireless communication. Works with Windows, Linux, OSX. Aluminium case for reduced interferrence and increased sensitivity.


Support Documentation

OS Requirements:

The AIRcable Host XR is a standard USB Bluetooth adapter.

You can use it with:

Some older Windows systems do not have Bluetooth software pre-installed. We do not provide Windows software. If you have an older Windows machine, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth driver for Windows 2000 or older XP.

Here are some available Bluetooth Stacks/drivers:

  1. IVT BlueSoleil
  2. Tochiba Bluetooth Stack

For more information on available bluetooth software, see the AIRcable Host XR software page.

Example Uses for the AIRcable Host XR

Cellphone Connected to the Internet

Connect your cell phone (or PDA) via Bluetooth to the Internet. It is fairly easy to make the LAN profile available on you home machine (Linux, OSX or Windows). Then have you cell phone use the LAN profile to access the Internet through your PC. In contrast to WiFi (802.11), Bluetooth uses much less battery power than WiFi, which can drain your Cell Phone's battery in as little as an hour of use. And, you can sync your phone and PDA this way too from further away.

Greater roam range with Skype calls

Make Skype calls with your Bluetooth headset. You can still walk around to the next room or in the yard without losing the connection

Print range extender

Print to a Bluetooth printer from your PC directly to the printer down the hall.

Stereo Headphone range extender

Use a Bluetooth stereo headset and listen to your music at the pool with the PC still in   your room. Control the media player with the buttons on the headphones.

Send files long distances to cell phones

Send a file to a cell phone from far away. This could contain a coupon or an advertisement.   Bluetooth advertisement is a growing business. Or, send a flie with conference/meeting information. Linux machines can handle more than one AIRcable Host XR connected via USB, allowing you to increase the number of cell phone connections at the same time. Each   AIRcable Host XR give you 7 simultaneous connections

Robotics & Machinery

Control Bluetooth enabled robots or machines from 100s of meters away.

Receive Sensor Data

Receive data from Bluetooth enabled sensors in a warehouse or factory hall with one receiver. Or, receive data from sensors connected to an AIRcable Industrial XR over extremely long distances up to 30 km!

...and so much more!

Technical Specifications

Operating systems


Mac OS X


Industrial strength aluminum case small size: 83mm x 65mm x 23mm
case mounting flanges
magnetic bottom
Industrial operating temperature range -40ºC …85ºC
Power supply Powered through USB, 5V, max 200mA
Bluetooth with external
antenna connector
omni-directional antenna up to 2km with 9dBi
directional antenna up to 10km with 18dBi
professional installation up to 30km with 24dBi parabol
external cable available
Bluetooth profiles depends on the bluetooth software & drivers on the computer to which it is connected
Certifications Bluetooth certified (BQB)
Bluetooth 2.0 compatible with 802.11b tolerance (AFH)

FCC authorization 15C
CE certification


raw output power: 19.5dBm
input sensitivity: -92dBm
omni directional antennas: up to 9dBi
directional: up to 18dBi
professional installation up to 24dBi
antenna connector: RP-SMA

NOTE: If you are using the AIRcable Industrial XR outside the USA, please check with your country and local output power regulations.