Support : Power Plug

International orders of the AIRcable Serial don't ship with a power supply because of the different voltages and outlet configurations. We recommend using a standard wall transformer with a 1.3mm power plug, supplying a minimum of 5V DC, minimum 100mA or even batteries. Plus is on the inner barrel, minus is on the outer sleeve.

The AIRcable Serial module requires external power (DC 5-15V) but can be powered through pin 9 of the DB9 connector (DC 5-15V).

Power plug sample see Digikey.

Power plug cable assembly available from Mouser, part #172-1373. Specs from Mouser (pdf).

Technical Specifications:

Input 120V AC, 60Hz, 5W (US)
Output unregulated DC, 4.5V at 300mA
Safety UL/CUL