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Configuring the Mini

The Mini has no external power plug and can only be powered from pin 9 of the DB9 connector.

It cannot be plugged into the PC since the PC does not provide power on pin 9.

Configuration of the Mini is through the wireless connection, only.

The Mini runs the same command line code as the AIRcable SMD. Default baud rate is 115200 baud.

  1. make a serial Bluetooth connection to the AIRcable Mini
  2. within 5 seconds of the connection, send "+++" and enter through the link.
  3. standard command line interface starts.

Make a Wireless Cable

Create a Secure and un-discoverable connection between 2 devices:

The command line interface implements 4 modes:

  • service slave (default)
  • service master
  • cable slave
  • cable master

The service modes are open modes, allowing all incoming connections and choices of outgoing connections.

The cable modes only do a one-to-one connection. Once locked, they do not allow other connections.

See command line interface description how to set it up.

Documentation & Downloads

Product Manual

Develop and Deploy

If you need your own functions running on the AIRcable Mini, we have many examples to write your own BASIC code. Please visit the open source pages:
AIRcable BASIC Examples
The open source pages at
are dedicated to more examples and BASIC language specification.
AIRcable BASIC Language
Download the standard command line interface source code for several AIRcable products here.

Mini Communication Diagram

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