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The AIRcable SMD comes pre-programmed with serial cable replacement code.

As soon as you apply power the AIRcable SMD is ready to accept connections via Serial Port Profile and via FTP

Make a serial connection from your PC. When you send "+++" and Enter within the first 5 seconds of the connection, the command line interface starts up. You can then configure baud rate etc.


The AIRcable SMD is the base engine of all our products. In different configuration it runs the Serial5, Mini, Host and Industrial products.

The surface mounted module needs to be soldered on a carrier board.

It is very flexible in terms of direct power supply:

  1. run on batteries, 2.5V-4V, e.g. 2 AA or Lithium primary cell.
  2. rechargeable Lithium batteries with build-in charger
  3. 3.3V regulated power
  4. 5V power

PCB Development

We help you with your own carrier board development. We have EAGLE files available as well as some generic carrier boards.

AIRcable SMD AB5C2 Brochure

AIRcable Example Diagram

AIRcable SMD Pin Layout

AIRcable SMD Schematics (.zip)

MaleOEM carrier board

Documentation & Downloads

AIRcable SPP Command Line

Develop and Deploy

If you need your own functions running on the AIRcable SMD, we have many examples to write your own BASIC code.

Please visit the open source pages:
AIRcable BASIC Examples
The open source pages at

are dedicated to more examples and BASIC language specification.
AIRcable BASIC Language

Download the standard command line interface source code for several AIRcable products here.

SMD Communication Diagram

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