Host XR3

Dongle (a.k.a. extend your bluetooth range)

Extend Your Bluetooth Range

The AIRcable Host XR3's Bluetooth radio receiver is many times more sensitive than the average Bluetooth device. You can expect about 10 times more range than with other standard Bluetooth dongles.


  • Built on AIRcable XR™ long-range technology
  • 1 km external antenna included
  • Extended range for up to 10 km***
  • No external power needed
  • Aluminum case for reduced interference and increased sensitivity

Use It

The Host XR3 can increase your bluetooth range up to 1 km.

With the long range antennae the Host XR3 has a range up to 10km!


The AIRcable Host XR3 is the only long-range (10 km-class) Bluetooth® USB "Dongle". It is equipped with an extremely-powerful, highly-sensitive Bluetooth transmitter, can achieve an unparalleled range of up to 30 km! With a 9 dBi omni-directional antenna, the extended range is up to 2 km, and with the 18 dBi directional antenna, it is up to 10 km. Additionally, given its high sensitivity, it can extend the range of weaker Bluetooth devices like cell phones and headsets by hundreds of meters. With most other devices only capable of obtaining a range of 10 meters or less, no other Bluetooth device comes even close. Plus, this long-range Bluetooth transmitter connects to any computer with a Bluetooth connection and can handle virtually any Bluetooth profile available. Uses include standard data, streaming data, headsets communication (like Skype calls), and stereo headphone communication.


  • Works with: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.